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Galaxy 122

EoD counter-attacked in their suspected Home System with another 103 ships or 312 SSD.  This was more than expected but was anticipated as my reinforcements arrived in system while the battle was in-process.  All ships belonging to EoD were destroyed.  Consolidation and repairs on my First Fleet continue.  The first round of the DESTROY went down and it is unlikely EoD will be able to stop it.

As I wait for the inevitable conclusion of this destroy, I have started deploying war ships to my colonies – destroyers (7P/3;;/21-14) to my colonies. This had the effect of catching several of EoD’s harassment fleets and destroying them.  I also have re-started my shuttle runs to increase PI production. 

In anticipation of EoD’s demise, I have built and am in the process of deploying 50+ freighters to colonize his former colonies.  I expect some of these to be contested by the two remaining empires.  However, once I have the charts of the systems, I will be able to dispatch escorts to the most favorable ones.  I plan to start an aggressive scouting campaign to identify where the current boundaries are and perhaps enjoy a period of refit, production and expansion.

It is over.  The last battle with Dave has been concluded.  I have received the notice from my fleet that we have destroyed the Empire of Dave. 
We captured most of their data processing (if you can call it that) intact – and now have the star charts for the Empire of Dave, which when added to ours gives us charts for 92% of the galaxy. 

I am putting my colonies back on-line this cycle from the attacks by Dave and the rest of my bigger ships are finally going to arrive and join the battle fleet.  I have dispatched numerous colonizers and started to redeploy my Raider fleet to secure the systems that our battles have won for us.  The fleet continues to grow. 

Refits, repairs, and some reorganization time.  It will take 5 cycles for my main fleet to reach its new jumping off point…

Peace seems to have broken out in the Galaxy.  There were no combats this fortnite. 
I have been adding systems to my empire at an accelerated rate.  While Colonizers are still going out, I have managed to put my original systems back into operation and repair all the damage suffered from the Empire formerly known as Dave. 
This turn I have been tied up getting new colonies online and sending out scouting ships to the far reaches of the Galaxy.  The masters may very well return by the time my ships get anywhere useful.

Peace is underrated.  I have continued to expand rapidly and now have most of the Galaxy under control.  My fleets have started to move in on new targets, but distances are daunting. 

Last cycle, I finally achieved a scouting report of the last system I had not obtained one from.  It took 9 scouts (//30-20) to finally tell me that the Polity has built up his home system to an impressive 2,000+ SSD.  However, he does not appear to have tech equality with me – I have destroyed most of his defensive fleets in his colonies and have found no evidence of any Tech 2 designs. 

I have ignored the other Empire to the South of me, the Prog Orthodoxy. 

Per the Masters report, I have over 92% of the galaxy charted, 68% of the galaxy owned.  I have 3,000 SSD in ships, and it will take time to consolidate my fleets.  Time I have…

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