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Galaxy 122

After finding the Masters translation device, I expected my would-be competitors to spend some time actually communicating – but the device remains silent.  No one has contacted us and offered to surrender.  Obviously inferior life forms; they don’t know when they are beaten – I don’t know what the Master’s were thinking.

My sweeps are proving effective; over half the combats in the game this cycle involved my new Defender class ships (2P/1;;/19-1).  This has allowed my exploration to continue unhindered by the squealing of these carbon-based life forms – they actually heat their ships!

I continue to add to my Empire in all categories and now have started assembling a strike fleet for offensive operations.

I have almost finished scouting the entire galaxy the Master’s left me in. I have charted almost half of the available systems. I have colonized about a quarter of the Galaxy. I have 3 opponents and I know where they are. The biggest threat to me is the Empire known as “Dave”.

I have started rolling out bigger ships – mostly Destroyer class (6P/4;;/14-14). I know they are a Master’s design, but they are slow. I have decided to wait until I gain a technical level before rolling out new designs. The Destroyers will provide inner system defense while my Raiders and Defenders press outward.

I am also experimenting with Fighters. The Master’s Jeep design allowed 4 Fighters in a fighting ship (again slow – the Master’s probably never worried about speed). My new carrier only carries 2 fighters and is a fast design (/1;2;/30-20) with no offensive armament. While vulnerable when attacking systems before the Fighters deploy, it has the advantage of speed. It will be useful to secure territory.

More consolidation, colonizing and securing my systems…

Dave seems intent on colonizing everything he can reach; but he cannot possibly control.  Perhaps he thinks this will slow down my colonization efforts?  Since he obviously cannot gather PV from those systems, his strategy must be centered around a denial of territory. 

I keep destroying Prog Orthodoxy by accident while I am busy destroying Dave.  I think they are attracted to the bright flashes of Dave’s ships blowing up.

I continue to expand, with the added joy of destroying Dave’s systems prior to colonization.  My research programs are going well.

My enemies have been very quiet as of late – I have been virtually ignored while destroying a few minor colonies belonging to Dave.  It is unusual and nothing in my databanks indicates this is normal behavior for animals.  They should be protecting their colonies, but maybe they feel they have them to lose?

I compute a small probability that they may be building a fleet to attack me.  I have brought back all of my warships to start assembling my attack fleet.  I have several new ships coming out of the fabricators and I admit “curiosity” to see how they will perform in combat.  They will be welcome additions to the attack fleet.  

I have continued to push out my frontier and have garrisoned all of my colonies with defenders and a small group of ships in sentry mode, jumping from system to system to add some unpredictability to what I have defending.

Ah! There is life in the Galaxy after all. After several fortnites without a reaction from my enemies, I have finally been attacked. While none of my ships were destroyed, several were damaged. I have instructed them to return for repair and refit.

All of the ships were attacked by a new design from Dave – a 2P/3;;/24-16 designated a “FastFist” – it is not a “fist” as I understand the term. It will prove an effective counter to my 2P/1;;/24-16 in the near term. I do not consider it an improvement on the Masters Frigate – a 3P/2;;/16-16, except perhaps in speed. I believe in peace through superior firepower.
After several turns of sparring with my enemy Dave, finally things are coming to a head.  My ships have successfully destroyed many of his colonies, but the entity known as Dave is like an …  ‘infinite loop’; running amok; without purpose – or perhaps dead code?
Dave continues to attack me randomly, primarily with his “Fast Fist” design in multiple locations.  This fortnite was mainly more of these harassment attacks – with Dave finally learning that I am rolling out my new Tech Level designs – one of my ships was careless. 
To celebrate my gaining Tech 2 cycles ago, I simply refitted my Raider design and launched them at Dave’s colonies.  Initial combat reports this fortnite indicates that the Raider design when upgraded to Tech 2 can hold its own with the Fast Fist, with around a 50/50 success rate.   While I expect losses will be high, they will cause enough disruption for my newer ships to arrive.  

With everything refitted, I have started my offensive. 
My pleasure circuits are humming!  Surely the Master’s will bestow upon me great rewards when they return!
I counter-attacked the Empire known as Dave in 90% of his colonies.  I was successful in all but 3 attacks.  The Empire of Dave lost 50+ freighters in this phase of the attack to my insignificant losses.   All my losses were Tech 1 designs that I did not bring back for refit.  Meanwhile, my heavier Tech 2 Raiders are moving forward to take over and hold the colonies we have liberated from the Empire of Dave!  I did not expect so many of the old designs to survive, so many of these ships will simply reinforce what is there. 
The Empire of Dave continued their unrelenting attacks on my peaceful and benevolent Empire and in 10 separate attacks, I lost ships in two colony systems and a relatively low-grade new colonization effort.  This was perhaps my most significant losses to date.      
My main battle fleet is already outbound to finish the destruction of the Empire of Dave.  While inbound to its objective, I will be constantly reinforcing it with other ships that can be built quickly and have the speed to catch up to the fleet. 

The Empire of Dave strikes back! The stars blaze with conflict – Dave destroys 4 freighters and a defensive ship in my colonies. I destroy another 40+ freighters across Dave’s colonies. He is joining his "Fast Fist" design into small fleets to increase their survivability against my Tech 2 version.

According to the Master’s data feed, there were an additional 9 combats that I was not involved in. I accounted for 35 of the 44 combats this cycle. So, the other empires in the game must be taking advantage of the Empire of Dave while he is occupied with me.

My main battle fleet is slow and continues its plodding pace toward its targets. I have reinforced it this cycle with new Cruisers. My second battle fleet nears completion – a new heavy taking 4 cycles to build, but deadly – A Tech 2 Battlewagon 20P/10;6;/12-8, with 6 Tech 2 Fighters.

Soon his so-called Empire will enter the dust bin of history…

It is mind numbing waiting for my fleet to arrive.  The Empire of Dave is still smashing colonies.  This turn I lost more freighters and The Empire of Dave (EoD) lost more attack ships. 

EoD must be a failed attempt at creating biounits by the Master’s.  I cannot compute why any sentient being would create these “rodents”; they appear to have no great value – juicing them produces nothing but a rather useless lubricant.  I have tried baking them, skinning them, and freeze drying them – and except for some base chemicals, nothing useful results.  I am at a loss in explaining their purpose.  

EoD did attack me in a rather small Production Center.  He lost, but the design was new – a carrier of limited capability (/8;4;/21-14 and a fighter?  2P/3;;/-14).  He brought in two carriers for target practice, and I discovered I need to recalibrate my targeting algorithms – one of his ships survived!  I am rolling out a new design as well and should start cleaning up his fleet soon.  Meanwhile my main fleet continues its journey…

Finally, my fleet has arrived at the suspected Home System of Empire of Dave (EoD).  The battle was fierce, but my victory was inevitable.  EoD lost another 431 SSD of ships.  This was disappointing since earlier scouts indicated 621 SSD.  I can only assume that EoD had launched another attack at my colonies and that fleet is enroute.  I compute that even if he pulls all his ships from my colonies and uses the missing 190 SSD of ships, that it be insufficient to stop the destroy. 

EoD has been attacking and destroying colonies for the last two fortnights.  I am more than willing to trade colonies for production centers!  I am still consolidating my fleet and will be doubling the number of heavy ships this cycle. This cycle will also see me rolling out ships to defend my colonies once again and colonizers to capitalize on the territory that EoD is about to lose. 

It is, of course, possible that this is not his Home System.  The probability exists but seems insignificant.  Only time will tell…

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