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A Few Acres of Snow
Bozimus has risen to the highest echelons, such as they are, of the French colonial presence in North America.


Speaking as his royal highness’s personal adviser on the American colonies, I say that I’m sure we can mark off an area for the French and their accomplices somewhere north of New England. FAR north.

In the meantime we have settled Baltimore, and are looking for more sites further inland...
English swine, your personality is like your food...bland and repetitive!  Tongue
Piracy?!?! O foul cur! Vagabond! O pestilence upon the bounding main!

I dare say this rogue captain is spent, for the fortnight at least, so I have put some coin into the palms of the local tribesmen, in case these French attempt similar games by land, especially since I have now settled Albany...
Albany, she is a fine town. The ladies of the night will have a difficult time trying to determine if the numerous coins in your pockets are worth encountering the lice infesting your wigs!
Egad! Mine opponent has set up a military formation in reserve! I had not thought drunken Burgundians capable of martial organization. I may have to update my plans. It's not easy, colonizing the new world. I have to juggle settlements, fend off pirates, scrye french intentions, and all the while find a way to pay for everything!
"Find a way to pay for everything" le Rouge Manteau squeaks!?! If you did not covet others' colonies you would not need such vast sums of money!
The French have seized Halifax! A bold and cynical escalation - this French “colonel” is no provincial neophyte.

I debated challenging his encampment with one of my own, in the cold brackish bays of Ft Beausajour, but that would stretch my supply lines and complicate my movement. I opted instead for further investment in protection and southern commerce. For now...
Barbarians have attacked! The french have moved from seaborne piracy to land assault! Well, not much more than a picket line, really, and they were blocked by my common local goon squads. But STILL! I am OUTRAGED!

Unfortunately the wheels of this colonial engine are slow to turn. I have attempted to fortify the frontier to some extent, but a retaliatory strike will have to wait for some time. Pemaquid may be little more than a circle of huts right now, but it is WAY too close to Boston to let this insult go unnoticed...

Reginald! Fix me up with a warm bath! We DO have hot water in New York, yes??
The English, in their perversely consistent way, continue to entrench like a stubborn tick on your favorite hound. Their supplies are endless while my blessed fickle mother country abandons me for unknown reasons...
I have undertaken a bit of a gambit.  The King's Gambit, let us call it.  I allowed the french infestation to spread across the entire Newfoundland peninsula, and deep along both banks of the St Lawrence, mostly unchallenged.  We've had a few minor clashes - in the most recent, I sent some hired natives to probe the defenses at Oswego, along Lake Erie.  They were repulsed, of course, but it helped trim his options for a fortnight.

In return, I have been able to avoid building a large military, and thereby have avoided spending months tending my bank accounts.  We have stout defenses, to be sure, but have not maintained the aggressive military posture customary at this time in history.  I have also expanded my settlements inland. Indeed, in a lucky alignment of the stars of colonial commerce, I was able to roll a settler caravan out past Cumberland, to the strategic Fort Duquesne - something previously thought utterly unreachable by my predecessors.

But as time advances and our lines firm up, I run the risk of being edged out.  The French might squeak out a dominant colonial position.  In spite of my spreading civilisation and my fattening towns and counties, le francais may just give us a bloody nose (and end my bloody career!)

Then again, it might just work.  Perhaps, months from now, I will look my continental opponent in the eye, claim his sword, and tell him Les jeux sont faits...

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