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Thank you, Grim!
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I am very much enjoying my current PBM obsession...Galac-Tac.  While I have thanked Davin for his generosity, helpfulness, and the stellar level of service provided by his company (Talisman Games), I have not yet expressed my gratitude to the man whose hard work introduced me to Galac-Tac.

Without the numerous Suspense & Decision issues featuring Galac-Tac articles and ads I would never have heard of Galac-Tac.  Without this forum, I would not have known about Davin's generous offer to play for free during these hard economic times.  

I want to offer an overdue "Thank You" to Grimfinger.  Without his efforts, I would not be enjoying Galac-Tac and Talisman Games would have one less player...

Thank You!
And without Grimfinger, Suspense & Decision, and this forum, I wouldn't have any way to let people know that Galac-Tac was available.  So many thanks from the other side of the fence, too!
You're welcome, gentlemen!

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