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"Uncollected Systems" on Shuttle Analysis Report
During my solo game, I was trying to fine tune my PV shuttle routes by using the "Shuttle Analysis" report available on the Galac-Tac Game Assistant (see below)

----Empire Status Reports
------Shuttle Analysis

Uncollected systems:                                                           
00-39 (27) 09-23 @16                                                           
05-42 (30) 09-23 @19                                                           
09-25 (15) 09-23 @ 2                                                           
91-15 (24) 09-23 @18                                                           
95-10 (24) 09-23 @14                                                           
96-17 (15) 09-23 @13

Locations in BOLD are still being colonized as of my most recent turn.  Why are they on this list and what does the number following the "@" mean?
It shows systems in the process of colonizing, I guess so you plan on getting shuttles set up.

The @number is how far away it is from the nearest production center.
RktSci is correct.  The colonizing systems are there so you know that you need to set up shuttles.  By the time you get ships there colonization will probably be finished and the shuttles will be ready to pick up.  Some people also want to build specific cargo ships for the run as well, and it's helpful to know how big they''ll need to be and how many engines to put on them.

That report really helps me find holes and problems of all sorts in my economic system, whether when trying to finish it up or for repairs after conflicts or rearrangements - I hope it does for you all, as well.
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Thanks to RktSci and Davin for the help!

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