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Monsters of Midgard
I just wanted to bridge this topic....

I have played Under (3) versions of this game, Midgard USA with Zan E. and then with the next two versions that were played in Midgard UK, and I have had many talks with Jon Capps on this topic. There have been various creatures discovered within this game that are not exactly of this world.

Some examples:

A creature like the Lock ness monster only this nasty critter would snatch men out of boats with it's nasty mouth full of long nasty teeth and drag them under water

Next we have a creature like Sasquatch or Bigfoot only this critter would attack men and etc.

Finally there was some great flying birds or reptile that would snatch people up and carry them away.

I am only pointing these out as it was fun to dig into these fun encounters and through special action dig into these situations to try and resolve therse plot lines that usually were  started by encounters by the GMs.  Zan loved this stuff, especial Ghosts encounters too. Like Haunted places and Armor.

I hope that Davin will consider such things like these and other things to also add into his game Midgard does not need to just be 100% real world based, it can have some Fantasy and Sorcery based stuff thrown into the mix.  Remember Alphiem, the home of the sudo Elven kind continent off the west of  southern Kalmar?
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I encountered a great Sea Beast that Stephine Wier one of the Midgard UK GMs called The Kraken.

I know Midgard had Elephants, as I bought them in-game in Kalmar, maybe instead of normal elephants they had these from the Lord of the Rings

[Image: Lord-of-the-Ring-elephants.png]
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I'm not opposed to having occasional "creatures" to have to track down and deal with in some fashion. We'll see what we can come up with once things are running again.

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