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Hello all! New user, in search of rare book, read more inside!
Hello, I'm a life long gamer, recently rekindling an interest in "Slow Gaming" and looking into play by mail and other early forms of multiplayer gaming. I'm predominantly interested in running these games, and would like to know the technical aspects of how early PBM games were run on the back end.

Because of that, I've been trying to find a copy of Carol and Ken Mulholland's "Gamesmastership: How to Design and Run a Play-by-mail Game" (I mean, it's right in the title!)

There's a member on this forum that mentioned having a copy of it, so I've joined up to try and contact him (or ANYONE else who might have a copy they'd be willing to sell or even lend to me, it'd be very grateful!)

Untill I find it, I'll be lurking around here, and hopefully find a game or two to participate in, with an eye at running my own before too long. Big Grin
Well, I guess the void answered back because I just found a copy of it on ebay! I'm worried it's too good to be true, but for a couple of bucks I'm gonna find out!
Welcome to the site and congrats on finding your Holy Grail!
When you get it, perhaps you might post some selected tidbits here so some of us might use them to start or improve our own games?

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