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Order Questions
(11-30-2017, 09:14 AM)vape Wrote: Is there any issues keeping fleets in deep space in between two production systems/home systems so they are both within 1 turn movement?

That's actually a really good plan in some ways.  It means your defensive fleets can be bigger because they can be in one place instead of two.  Of course, there's a catch strategically (like most things in Galac-Tac).  Think about what you're defending against.  You might generalize an attack fleet into one of three groups -- let's call them small, medium, and large.

A small attack would be something that's not of any concern to a PC.  It might be made by an exploratory scout or a few small combat ships that are expecting just a colony.  A small platform would have no trouble fending off such things.

A medium attack means something significant, say in the vicinity of a fleet size similar to (or a little smaller than) what you'd be defending with.

A large attack would be a much larger fleet than your defenses, and you'd have no hope unless you had reinforcements from elsewhere.

Let's look at the defense-fleet location in terms of these situations.  Small doesn't matter either way.

A medium attack fleet means you might well be able to fight them off (more-or-less) if you kept your defense fleet in-system, but if your fleet is out-system then what you've left there is going to die.  That means your static platforms and patrol ships, plus all of your cargo ships (and their PV) are going to be lost, along with all the actions, time and cost it will take to replace them.  That's the main drawback to out-system fleets, but if you're willing to take that risk then it's a good idea.

For a large attack fleet, you're not going to win the initial battle anyway.  Your only choices there are to give up that system to the enemy (not an option for your home world) or to collect all your available ships and counter-attack with everything that can reach there within two turns (and hope he doesn't reinforce, too).  If your defense fleet is out-system, then they (a) won't be lost in the initial attack and (b) can participate in the counter-attack.  Losing your whole defense fleet in the initial attack is the main disadvantage to keeping them all in-system.

Aren't strategic complexities fun?

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