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[REGIME CHANGE] My Second Commercial PBM?
My wife and I are playing Regime change together as a team for a while, turn 10ish?

I joined the game after the audio files weren't being used any more. I haven't ever listened to them, don't see anything in game that suggests I'm missing anything.

To us, the game is playing a bit like a hand-moderated (as it is) classic space opera. We're fleeing the area of earth, and our ship has just been boarded by aliens that we're gong to have to try to figure out how to defeat.

Turn around time is about 3 weeks to a month depending upon how backed up the GM is. A typical turn is 10 pounds. You can apparently do more than that, but we never have. This is very unlike Agema's better known game "The Glory of Kings" where going over 10 pounds is trivial.

Yes, I'm having fun.

Happy to try to answer more questions. The Regime Change section of the Agema board doesn't really have any activity, so I don't think you're missing much by not engaging over there. The Glory boards are relatively active on the other hand.
Post a piece of your turn results! We are curious!
thxs will let him know
I've attached the newspaper from last July when I got our startup and my startup (my wife got her own sheet.)

I had to import the startup into word to edit it (remove account info), and save it as a pdf, so if the formatting is slightly messed up that's why.

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.pdf   Federation News Service SD11044.pdf (Size: 874.74 KB / Downloads: 811)
.pdf   Turn 0.pdf (Size: 149.35 KB / Downloads: 13)
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Gah! I was away from the board for a couple of days and this suddenly took off!!

Thanks for all this, everyone. It's very helpful.

Regime Change sounds increasingly tempting. I probably am after something closer to an old-fashioned ongoing hand-moderated RPG PBM (I've been trying unsuccessfully to track down the GM for Exile) than the strategic games in which there's a victor and definite end.

As Charles points out, Agema have been around for a while, so (as long as we can keep enough players playing) there's a good chance that this game will be too.
I too tried to reach the GM for exile several times over the last year or two, no luck.

Regime change is the only commercial hand-moderated RPG around that I've found. You could also explore the glory of kings as a RPG. I do a fair bit on my turns. It is designed more as a strategic war/building game I think, but it is very flexible so works well for roleplay. The rules of regime change are designed specifically with character advancement/RPG in mind, though.

I'd encourage you to give Agema games a try. They run great games.
(08-16-2017, 09:11 PM)Deacon Wrote: I'd encourage you to give Agema games a try. They run great games.

I think I may just do that.

Just as soon as my next credit card cycle starts.

Angel ( Big Grin )

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