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Issue #15 - Suspense & Decision PBM magazine
This thread is for discussion of Issue #15 of Suspense & Decision magazine.

The Submission Deadline for articles, news, events, etc. for Issue #15 is: 20 January, 2017

The scheduled Publication Deadline for Issue #15 is: 31 January, 2017
I received an article, tonight, for Issue #15.
Issue #15 is on track to publish on or around February 1st, 2017.
The cover art for the front cover for Issue #15 of Suspense & Decision magazine has arrived from the artist.
For those stalwart souls that visit the forum here on the PlayByMail.Net website, you get first look at the cover art for Issue #15.

[Image: Issue-15-Front-Cover-800x1035.png]
Bernd has informed me that he will be sending me an article for Issue #15. Hopefully, Issue #15 will be ready for publishing this upcoming weekend!
Doing some final revisions and additions for Issue #15, today!
I had a problem, right out of the gate, with Issue #15. I think that it should be corrected, now.

Issue #15 of Suspense & Decision magazine is now available for downloading.

The download is a free!

[Image: Issue-15-Front-Cover-800x1035.png]
Grim - some great articles! I've read through most of them, but I'm going to have to re-read several because I powered through them.

I have to say that for me the most thought provoking (at first glance) is the "I decided to play a game ..." article. It would seem that we game providers can be our own worst enemies.
I can't access this issue. I keep getting the front page and nothing more.

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