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the Gorgoths Approach...
Tribenet: the Journey Begins

Formally, we are known as Tribe xxxx (number obscured for security purposes), but to the common people of the world, we are the Gorgoths -- herders extraordinaire.  Under our fearless leader, Gorgar, we have spread far and wide under the life-giving sun.  Well, not that far and not that wide.  Our initial scout reports extend 4-5 hexes in most directions (25 miles per hex).

The plains gave birth to our people, and more importantly to our herds.  While we boast several dozen cattle, horses, and even elephants, our greatest wealth (such as it is) is our teeming herd of goats.  Not only do we have them, our greatest skills lie in the sciences and arts of animal husbandry.  Oh, we dabble in other things, and possess small amounts of other rare and precious materials.  But in the main, our goat herd is paramount, our goat skills are superb, and our odor -- er, presence -- is palpable across the great prairie we call home.

* * *

I just signed up to play tribenet, prompted by Chris Stanifer's nice write-up in S&D 13.  The GM has been very responsive and communicative, and the terms for getting started are excellent.  You can play the first 6 months for free (playing a turn every couple of weeks.)  That sounds like a good deal to me.

On top of that, the resources available to new players are pretty solid.  The rules are apparently extensive, but the "beginner rules" aren't, and that's all you'll need to get up and running.  They come with commentary and recommendation on how to get things rolling.  New players are generally grouped in the same area as other new-ish players, so they won't be trounced by long-established empires.  And there's an early moratorium on violence to boot.

In addition, you get a basic set of orders pre-filled on the spreadsheet turn form.  These are recommendations, which you may customize as you see fit.  Basically, it has been recommended to me to send out as many scouting parties as I can, do a little culling of my goats, keep the herds tended, and otherwise employ everyone else in the task of hunting up food.

My starting map shows a few old scouting trails, so I know there's a river off to the south, and some jungle highlands to the east.  I am not in contact with anyone, and know of nothing else about the world.  A fresh, clean start.

The options open to me, beyond the basic orders, involve which directions to explore or migrate to, which skills to try to advance, and whether to tweak any economic settings -- for example, whether I should harvest more or less goats.

* * *

Gorgar has called forth his swift-riders.  They will spread out across the plains in search of other tribes and new opportunities.  Gorgar is new to his leadership of this humble clan.  He wants very much to dip his feet into the great southern river, so perhaps that is the best direction to start the wagons rolling.  Most of our 11 thousand some people will walk and hunt, as we await word from the swift-riders.  These riders will head off in pairs, for safety, bearing what few swords we possess.

It seems that for now we should focus our efforts on herding.  We are good at it, and we can multiply our bounty be perhaps learning how to best make use of what Storm Bull provides us.  Meat, sinew, hides, it is all important.  Perhaps we will work the very bones of our animals into new tools and weapons.  Indeed, there is little that would please Storm Bull more.

The summer is in full bloom before our herds. But the open prairie does not provide optimal hunting, and even if the fields abounded with game only a small portion of our warriors have even slings with which to hunt. We love our grassy home, but we must look to feed our children and to provide some harvest to ward against the coming winter.
The Blackrune Free Company (0421) sends warm greetings! Welcome to TribeNet!! Be sure to check out the TN Facebook page, as most members don't know about this board....yet Wink

If you want mapping help, or even just a general idea as to where you are on the world map, or any other information, feel free to contact me. I am always willing to help.

Check out "The Blackrune Free Dispatch" in the Files section of the FB page for some player-supplied articles and playing aids, as well.

Welcome aboard!!
Hello! Clan 0540 here. I started just over a year ago.
Raven Zachary in Portland, Oregon, USA. Currently playing: TribeNetSuperNovaMiddle-earthTakamoFar Horizons, and Fire on the Suns.
I'm Clan 0616. Just started. Going to submit my first turn tonight. Rinzai was kind enough to help me get started and he's my game mentor.
I'm a new player (most certainly so in comparison to the contingent of decades-long players) to this game, and I am loving every minute. It is a very rich pre-medieval civilisation building game. New tribes are started up well away from the old guys with their massive populations and arsenals to ensure we get time to settle, grow and be in a position to hold our own when they eventually come looking for our resources.

Your clan can either remain nomadic and wander the massive world across land and sea (the world even has climate bands, with weather affecting crop growth and movement), or put down roots and build villages, towns, ports and cities from which you can produce goods and arms and trade with others, or stockpile them for war.

The skill trees in the game are also extremely rich and assist your progress in the game. Once you have attained Level 10 in a skill, you may embark on some of the hundreds of additional advanced-level activities (known as Research in that skill, and are mostly player-suggested and developed in collaboration with the GM) to ensure that things never get stale.

Player to player interaction in the game appears to be on the low side and seems mostly restricted to combat, close networks of trading partners, and other alliances, but there is a lively (and very helpful) community on the game's discord chat server. The anticipation of the turn report every 2 weeks is huge, and when it finally arrives, players pore over the results of their movements, scoutings, manufacturings, trading and combat to see what they should be planning to do next. The world is hex based and almost everyone appears to enjoy using hexographer or worldographer to map the results of their turns. There's not a lot of scope for roleplaying in the game, but there is a newsletter produced every turn which includes player-supplied fiction for those wishing to contribute in that way.
We dont come looking for your resources, Chief...we expect you to bring them to us as tribute Wink
(06-27-2021, 09:09 PM)Blackrune Wrote: We dont come looking for your resources, Chief...we expect you to bring them to us as tribute Wink

Hah! We ran out of velvet cushions to present them on, so we decided to keep them instead.
Currently playing TribeNet, Far Horizons, Galac-tac, Supernova, The Isles and Dungeonworld.
(06-27-2021, 09:12 PM)Fungus Wrote:
(06-27-2021, 09:09 PM)Blackrune Wrote: We dont come looking for your resources, Chief...we expect you to bring them to us as tribute Wink

Hah! We ran out of velvet cushions to present them on, so we decided to keep them instead.

If you have cotton, or leather, that will do.
Discord has now been incorporated into the TN play.  Adds a dimension between turns and means that the GM can GM for 24/07 as players from around the world jump on to make comments.

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