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A PBM I'll never get around to creating
There are other ways of doing it, but I'd have it possible to issue orders to one member, or an order that would apply to a group of 2 to all of the party. Group orders would have the benefit of all the skills and talents of the group members while an individual's efficiency at carrying out the order would have to depend on himself.

Right now I'm dealing with setting tactics for starship combat and I want them to be able to set targets and begin firing distances for each type and class of weapon, and boat. I'm doing it with an orbiting set of panels each of which contains a drop down for a particular class of weapon (beam, torp, etc) . Player selects all types he wishes within that class and then picks the tactics to assign. Off the top of my head, something like that should work.

I think the great joy of group games is the player interaction.

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