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Welcome to the Rimworlds Forum.

Rimworlds was, between 1985 and 1994, a PBM (in its later years turns could be filed by email, but were sent out via the snails) that strongly encouraged active role-playing by its gamers and stressed that, in addition to competing for high-status and the concomitant free play, all of the players were engaged in creating a epic tale of the far future with themselves, their friends, and their enemies all in starring roles. It was an attempt to create an amalgam of the turn-based PBM and the role-playing MUD.

Rimworlds is, since mid 2009, a PBW in-the-making that intends to strongly encourage active role-playing by its gamers, provide free play for high status, and tell an expanded epic tale of the far future. It is being programmed by me, the same guy who wrote the original.

This forum, which Grim has so kindly provided, will bring you updates about where the game stands, run polls on how you all think things might best be handled, offer invitations to try out some pre-alpha coding and ask those who will take the time, to act as informed critics of my efforts. When the time comes for serious beta-testing, I hope to entice some of you into taking on this role as well.

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As a long time player, I would LOVE to return to Rimworlds. And I'm sure not the only one.
Hi Trey. How are you? I'm still working on it
Any word on a launch date for the re-boot? I played in the snail-mail days, and LOVED it.
Jon passed away.
Oh, boy. So sorry to hear that. I had no idea, obviously. Condolences to everyone.
Oh, man, sorry to hear about that.
See you Beyond the Rim, Jon, in a place where no shadows fall. A reference that works well for both Rimworlds and Babylon 5.

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