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The Elder
A new turn and more mistakes that I self inflicted on myself - it is amazing what an extra zero or two will do to completely destroy your plans.


We really, really, REALLY need a 'turn preview' function in CenCom!!!
(04-08-2014, 04:43 PM)Pool Boy Wrote: A new turn and more mistakes that I self inflicted on myself - it is amazing what an extra zero or two will do to completely destroy your plans.


We really, really, REALLY need a 'turn preview' function in CenCom!!!

The mistakes make for more interesting reading, though.
Another turn submitted, another turn where I hold my breath before opening the next turn results to see how bad I screwed things up this time.

More of a 'what is happening' update later today.
I think you may have posted something before about not being able to DAS items that are shut down. I seem to be having this issue too. Did you find a way to get around it? I'd start up the LAB-1, but I don't want them to mess up my operations of higher LAB and FCT.

I think VErn wrote up something in a turn a few ago about it after I discovered the error. I will have to find it. I wanted to know what order things got DAS-ed in -- ones that were assembled and 'running' or would they first DAS the shut down/idled assembled item (like LABs and FRMs and so on). I honestly cannot remember what the order is now. It happened while I was trying to DAS some LAB-4 while still trying to keep some running and it did the opposite of what I assumed.

Now, the past couple of turns have been clusterfarts due to order problems. Mainly YOU REALLY HAVE TO BE CAREFUL when entering orders.a stray extra zero can kill a good plan. Or checking anything other than the QTY button in the order screen can totally royally screw you (like all but, or something like that - let's say you meant to move 20000 food, and you hit the all except button and now ALL OF YOUR FOOD except for 20000 is ordered to do something instead. I REALLY HONESTLY WICH THERE WAS A WAY TO DISABLE THOSE OPTIONS - I am so paranoid I use exact numbers for all of my orders and worry I hit a stray buttonsomewhere.

Anyway, I am more or less still turtling. I have quite of few home system colonies now, some of which are producing well, others still getting their legs under them. Having BEAMERS is simply AWESOME. I cannot tell you how great they are. All you have to do is shuttle around people instead of everything else, makes planning (in system anyway) so much easier.

I did actually send several more ships out recently. One is a kind of a tanker ship to go find my lost ships and absorb them and keep on exploring. Another is a hybrid tanker/colony ship that is absorbing another fuel deprived ship. Going to set up my first outsystem colony next turn (I think). I know, I am so behind it is pathetic, but for me it is a real step in moving things along.

Technology is still my primary focus, so cranking out more RSCH over more things makes sense. Being able to produce stuff efficiently and quickly is important, and feeding those FCTs takes raw materials of ever larger amounts, so MINs are important. The rest is really just window dressing. Well, I know that's not true, but everything revolves around those items. I am a bit worried that there are a lot of other player partnerships out there where they are sharing technology pretty freely and getting way ahead of me, so I am forced to ignore the currently less important technologies for me now, including armaments and defenses. It is a huge risk, but hopefully people are focused on the 'free' HAB worlds instead of trying to take me over. I guess we'll see.

I need to figure out what to do with the alien world near me. I actually found it again. But based on the descriptions of their defenses, I am way behind the curve in being able to take it forcibly. Will have to see what is realistic in the next 4-8 turn arc for that. Might have to resign that somebody will get there first.

I think getting significantly higher HEN might become increasingly important so as to get from A to B in just one jump. Hmm.
Turn 19 is back.

While I seem to have pretty good results from an initial glance (no horrible mistakes, just lots of little ones), my biggest failure (that has been building for a while now) is my recurring mistake of not outfitting ships with food. My malcontent percentages are getting scary high and I need to address by fixing this food problem, and also increasing my police/special agent #s on ships. I also seem to have a problem getting LFS installed in a timely manor resulting in clearly unneeded deaths of my population.

This all being said, I am not unhappy with the results. Things are starting to move along well enough at the home system that I think I might be finally able to spend some time on looking at the nearest systems to me, including the alien one, and expanding.
I spent way, way too much time on this turn. I am sure I still screwed stuff up.
Yes, those are both features of this game. :-)
this game is like herding cats.

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