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Where do you hail from?
(12-14-2020, 06:59 PM)ixnay Wrote: I suggest we do a normal size galaxy and see what happens. Any other lurkers want in?

I will set up a game later tonight and post info here. All are welcome. All will be vanquished. ?

Yes!  Sign me up.  I have to admit I do know something about the game...  Looking forward to it.

I have created Galaxy 122 - I don't see it as a new signup option on this page, perhaps because I am already signed up for it.

Davin - can you confirm that it is there and open to all players? Should players register before seeing an option for joining a game? I see some other game starts pending up there - are they all "active and waiting for live players"? Or have some of them expired? I set game 122 for 2-15 players - how do we "start" it? I'd like to get at least the 3 who've spoken up about it (ronin, Talisman, and myself) before it activates.

And Talisman - we are starting threads on the Galactac forum for some role-playing fun and technical exposition on the game itself. Feel free to join us.

If any others wish to join this open game, the window of opportunity is rapidly closing...
Yes, galaxy #122 is out there and available to anyone (except those already signed up for it).

The other galaxies you see out there are open and available for sign-ups by anyone (including those already playing in other galaxies). Some are very old and a few are fairly recent. Anyone may create additional proposed galaxies to add to this list and see if enough people will sign up for it.

Yes, players will need to have an account with us before signing up. If you do not, go through the usual player sign-up procedure (without sending in a payment) and let me know to credit your account for play. Then you'll be able to join this galaxy.

The galaxy will start automatically when the max players are reached, or I can force it to start when you think everyone has joined up that's going to.
We have three players signed up! Are there any other takers?
Is it okay to have the turn deadline on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday? Weeknights are a scarce resource.
Yes, I was going to ask if anyone had a preference of due date, especially considering that the turn speed has been set to once a week. I have the other current games due on a Sunday night and process on a Monday morning.

BTW, just because a turn is due on a particular day doesn't mean you have to wait until the last minute to get it in. Some players get their turn done immediately after their report comes out, or on whatever day is convenient for their schedule.
Can we have it due Sunday nights then? I strongly recommend a weekly turnaround, nothing longer.
That works great for me!  Shall we set it up to start this Monday morning, so any other folks have a chance to sign up by Sunday evening?
So let it be written, so let it be done. Game 122 starts 12/21/2020. With a start date like that, you know it's going to be apocalyptic...
Don't forget the planetary conjunction happening on that date, too.

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