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Quest of the Great Jewels [Flying Dutchman Games]
(03-26-2011, 02:02 AM)aloysius Wrote: the Azoni - builders of great citadels,
the Quntag - emperors of vast provinces,
the Rilris - hoarders of the treasures and talismans,
and the Slenth - the destroyers and ravagers of the land.

Each had its own path to victory and different strengths and weaknesses. There were a few NPC races, as well: Mercenaries, from whom you could buy additional armies (or attack, although they were particularly tough to defeat, and would refuse to trade with you ever again afterward); LotU (Lord of the Universe), who guarded the Forbidden Cities and the treasures therein; and Neutrals who were scattered semi-randomly around the map, ripe for the picking.

Was Lord of the Universe a player?

Also, do you have a personal favorite of the four main races in the game? Or did you ever get to play the actual game?


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