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A new play by mail game from GrimFinger
Over the last few days, I have been fiddling with formats for a new play by mail game that I want to try my hand at running. My aim is for something very small, for a relative handful of players, one very simple in design, and hand-moderated, rather than computer moderated (aka automated).

My inclination, at the moment, is to utilize PDF format for the turn results. The game, itself, will be predominantly text-based, but with PDF format, at least I have a little more flexibility with font sizes for the output of turn results, compared to going with a straight forward ASC II text format.

Right now, I am trying to sort through the layout of the turn results, in order to determine which sub-set of information lies where, in relation to other sub-sets of information, in the overall sequence of things. It's not a crucial thing, I'm sure, but rather, largely an exercise in aesthetics.

I post this message, primarily to let site visitors learn that some progress is being made with this game. The game, itself, will likely end up being a learning exercise for myself, to try and teach myself how I can run a PBM game in the current day and age.

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A new play by mail game from GrimFinger - by GrimFinger - 03-02-2011, 08:24 PM

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