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Baroque and Other eBay "Finds"
Baroque was a little-known PBM game run briefly in 1986 by Game Anvil.

For a mere $150, you can have a copy of the rules (replete with "staple rust"), thanks to a delusional seller on eBay:

This seller has a few other PBM items up for auction at equally inflated prices. Such as: the 1984 edition of the Illuminati rulebook (no staple rust, this time!) for $50. I'll sell you a photocopy of mine for $49.99.

But that ain't nothing compared to the $2000 he wants for Up the Garden Path, an "adventure module" from TSR published in 1986.

If you buy it, I think you'll have been led *down* the garden path...

-- Bob McLain


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