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A fable
The following information is provided Out-Of-Character
What exactly is The Mold?

Using analogies, it would be suitable to describe it as a cross between coral reef and nanite colony. On the microscopic level, there are multiple different types of carbon-based AND silicon-based microbes, that somehow form the single "organism" on the macro level. Non-biological matter is frequently used as a component in The Mold's bodies for different purposes, including energy storage, information storage and shielding.

The Mold has no uniform shape, but recombines itself for the specific purpose each time. On the planet it just forms a thick layer on most of the surface, absorbing energy from the sun and stripping earth for useful minerals. It is also present within oceans, usually in some sort of pressure-resistant envelope, or in the air (by keeping gaseous hydrogen trapped within it's body - imagine a flying whale). The smallest parts of The Mold are on the micrometer scale, but there is no upper limit for the size of a blob.

Functionally, it is a single intelligent entity, its parts alone have limited consciousness and no intelligence.

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