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(07-29-2021, 08:29 AM)Fungus Wrote: can you tell/do you know what inter-player interactions occur?

Your ship can display a message that is 73 characters long.  I have noticed a lot of famous and not so famous quotes displayed on ships.  I started putting movie quotes on my ships.

There is a billboard at each planet that you can bid for the use of it on the next turn.  The billboard can have 5 lines of text w a max of 35 characters each.  You must bid higher than the current bid. The highest bid possible is 999 credits.  If there are no bids, the current bid is decreased by 1 credit. If you outbid the current bid and everyone else's bid on that turn, you get to put the message on the billboard.  I have seen more quotes and funny sayings on these boards.  There was one that asked everyone to join what sounded like a faction but it didn't state who to contact.  I am in contact with one guy who put a PO Box address on a billboard.  I just received a letter from him yesterday.  That's right, an actual letter.  It is the second one.  He has sent me a lot of information about what is being sold/bought at a lot of planets.
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