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How forgiving should an order processor be for a game?
I fully agree with this concept - a small front-end program that facilitates order entry is very nice to have.  The difficulty is writing a version that supports everything.  The GTAC front-end is awesome and adds functionality to the game a player not-using it would be hard pressed to duplicate. 

A simpler solution might be to build a data entry app for the web.  While I am a programmer, I am not conversant in every language out there and web / graphics are not my area of specialty.  I am currently experimenting with using WordPress with WP: ACF - Advanced Custom Fields Pro and WP: Advanced Forms Pro. This will collect input from players and store it.  Now Add Custom Post Types UI and Advanced Custom Fields: Custom Database Tables to eliminate junk posts and other garbage from the web.  All of these are WordPress plugins. 

At this point, you have user input in a custom table (or post) and you can export it anywhere you want. 

I added a custom plugin (that I wrote in PHP) to facilitate gathering data prior to input and allow the editing of orders previously entered.  The Forms Pro plugin has custom hooks to be able to add additional functionality.  Next up for me is to allow the validation of the orders while the player is inputting them. 

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