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Alternative view on PBSE
My brief stint in PBSE was much like Fungus' experience.  

The moderators created a very polished interface and kept the game fresh with interesting events/newsletters.  They meet with players each year at a pub in England, gather input/suggestions from their players, and explain modifications to the game that need to be made to maintain balance.

Most importantly, I met some extremely generous, patient and kind players in several affiliations.  

As stated by Fungus, role-playing is encouraged, but not mandated (except in certain forums).  Many players dispense with role-playing and just power game and that is also accepted.

I would still be playing except for three reasons...

1). The expense.  You can play ships for free, but the real fun comes from running space stations which cost roughly $2.25 (IIRC) per station per week.   This can add up quickly...

2). The time investment.   Station turns are run once a week but ships can run a turn each weekday.  If you are not super organized, it can become overwhelming.

3).  I (generally) do not like open-ended games.  The tendency for some established players to annihilate newer players' stations simply because they can leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  PBSE has its share of bullies...but the majority of players are some of the nicest people I have encountered in PBM.

If you have the time to spare, and the money, and you do not mind occasionally getting stomped by more powerful players, PBSE has a lot to offer.

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