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GTac warning about giving ships multiple orders
I am very much enjoying my solo game of Galac-Tac!  Thank you for all the wonderful tips/advice you have given me since I started.
Normally, I would just shoot you an email with the following question.  However, I am going to post it here so others may see and learn from your answer.

I want to order the two starting skirmisher ships to form a fleet and defend my home system using the following actions.

23 Join 2201 2202
24 Defend 2201 2202

When I told GTac to check my orders, it said...
"Ship #2202 has been given multiple orders in action #s 23 & 24"

Do I need to create the fleet on this turn and issue the DEFEND order next turn?  Or since 2201 is my flagship of that fleet, do I simply order it to DEFEND (deleting the 2202 entry on the DEFEND order)?

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GTac warning about giving ships multiple orders - by Lugh - 05-09-2020, 02:18 PM

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