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Hyborian War: Special Variant Game #1
(03-20-2021, 12:20 AM)RktSci Wrote: Is this played totally by mail?

It can be. A lot of players choose to send their turn orders in via e-mail, though, but turn results are sent from RSI to players via the postal service.

It is my understanding that if your turn results haven't arrived, and threaten your ability to get your turn orders in on time, they may send you a replacement turn by e-mail. There's not an option, as far as I know, to opt to receive turn results by e-mail, instead of by mail. E-mailed turn results are sent only as replacement turns for mailed turns that haven't arrived, after a certain number of days have passed. You would have to ask RSI, to be sure

I enjoy receiving turn results in the mail. It's a good distraction from the bills and junk mail, that tend to dominate mailboxes, these days.

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