Poll: Should the Guilds faction be allowed as a Open Live player faction?
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Yes - Make the Faction Live and Open for players to play
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No - keep it a NPC only faction
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Should the Guilds faction be allowed as a Live/Open faction
Should the Guilds faction be allowed as a Live and Open faction for players to play in the game? Under Midgard USA it was opened up by Zan for game play. I had talked to Zan about what they could be and do and there were active player clans at the end of the time of the game in Midgard USA.

Declared Guilds clans skill set:

 Now it the skills are what they do for a city basically. They have all the Naval based skills that are for shipyards, the city based skills, as well as Oratory skill which is related to the Helios communication based ability. Basically they are a city based clan, although I think there should be a Blacksmith or Smithy based  skills added as well too. Maybe drop the ADM skill and add a SMH - Smithy skill instead.  Remember they create "Manufactured Goods" that are needed for everything. So maybe their skill set should be:

 SHP - Shipwright
 SEA - Seamanship
 NAV - Navigation
 SMH - Smithy
 ENG - Engineering
 MER- Merchant
 ORA - Oratory

 Factional benefits:

 1) Can make Manufactured Goods from metal.
 2) Can build ships from resources.
 3) Can make Uniforms/Winter Uniforms from resources.
 4) Can support Construction projects, with some mancycles bonus.
 Defined like this, I think that it could be fun to play one of these clans.
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