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New Faction Design - Swashbucklers
In Davin's defense I believe I understand were he is coming from. You see he is recoding all of this game. Think of the game as a Master program and each faction is a Application that is within the Master code and needs to be worked out for each. I think he is trying to get these 7 applications working completely first, and then he will work on other aspects of the Master program like the Skill System.

I myself am a little bit concerned about this but if he does do the redesign as he is stating of these core 7 factions, then  they will be playable. I like the direction that the Gift are going in. I also like both the Getham and Boda too. If these three factions are pretty much redesigned as have been talked about so far, then for me these will be great to play. I also think that the Roder is heading in the correct direction as well too. The other factions I am not the best person to help out, although I think the redesign for the Imperials would make them really a Kick Arse faction as has been proposed.

Now the Swashbucklers as has been designed seems like a pretty good Naval Merc, and reminds me a lot like the Buccaneers. I feel it would add to the game, but I also understand it is Naval and that part of the game is not yet worked out in the code, I would think when the GM starts the game, allow those that are interested to begin the process to bring that faction to life. It is understood it takes time to be added into the game. in other words gives you like 12 turns (year) work out the naval side of the code. 

Maybe you also have a hard  look at both the Merc Verk and SOA and merge these ideas together and create a single named Land based Foot Merc faction. That is just my thoughts on this. Hopefully others will also comment.
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