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New Faction Design - Swashbucklers
• Factional Name:


•The primary purpose for the faction to exist?

Since the GM has not included the SOA, Merc Verk, or Buccaneers, there is no Mercenary faction in the game. That being the case that means to add a new faction after the first (7) listed factions of are in the game will need for any "New" faction will need to have at least (10) players and (20) clans. They will have to play as Independent clans that declare for the future faction and must play for (12) Turns/Cycles for the faction to become live within the game. During that period they will show up as Independent clans and will have no in-game bonuses at all except what their skills or clan might grant them.  So I figure why not design a well thought out Naval Mercenary faction from the ground up. It has every much of a chance if not better to become live within this game.

So the Swashbucklers faction is a Combination of Naval Merc and Naval Merchant faction. It is more of a Naval Merc but has a strong Merchant transportation side too. They have their own designed ship types that can be built in any city depending on the levels of their factional office within a given city, which is called a Harbor Shop. They view themselves as a Naval Mercenary to defend the seas from raiders like the Barbarians, and Pirates, or other such bad influence factions like the Imperials or Banner. They are allies of the Getham Family and seek to protect their Sea Routes and Harbors/ports. Being Mercs, they are willing to be hired to almost anyone for a fee. They have a friendly relationship with the Gift Religion as well. They prefer to be defenders but can be attackers as well and work well at embargoing cities ports too. They seek to be the main Naval Mercenary faction of Midgard and beyond. They also view themselves as explorers and adventurers. They seek adventure for the sake of fun of the experience.

•What distinguishing feature does this faction have?
[Image: Ship-type-headers.png]
[Image: Swashbucklers-ships.png]

 They have (3) specific ship types that they produce in any harbor city depending on the number of their factional offices that a city has.

They fight on shipboard only and do not fight on land as Foot soldier Merk's, they will defend or attack a harbor if hired to do so from the sea. They excel in either Sword MI or Bow MM troops from shipboard engagements. To see their Black Flags with a symbol of a Burning Moon on it is to drive fear in the hearts of their targets. 

•What specific in-game benefit can this faction have?

- The factional office is a Harbor Shop and with each office, it gives a city +2% per office to increase a cities Harbor size.
- New ship types can be built within any city depending on the level of offices: at (6) Harbor shops Carrack can be built and placed on the market, at (15) Harbor Shops Pamphylos can be built and placed on the market, and at (25) Harbor Shops War Dromons can be built and placed on the Market.
- With (30) Harbor Shops, the city can if the City wishes to build it, can build a Harbor Fort, which adds two great walls with towers at their ends that encircle the cities port/harbor and aids in its protection. The city has to supply the resources and man cycles to build this supper structure, but the Swashbucklers will supervise its construction as only they know it's secret design.
- Clans in Naval engagements gain a +1 Damage as well as a +1 Defense in Naval battles.

•What makes this faction interesting and fun to play?

The Swashbucklers are persons who engage in daring and romantic adventures with bravado
or flamboyance. They are an explorer and something of a swashbuckler. They are a daredevil,
seeker of adventures, hero, crusader, venturer, traveler, voyager, wanderer, buccaneer,
mercenary, a soldier of fortune, madcap, hothead, adventurer · exhibitionist, stuntman,
show-off, showboat, and desperado. They are the ultimate Naval Merc that has style to command
the seas, and sail in the search for life's adventures.

•What (usually mutual) factional enemies?

Their main enemies are the Barbarians, Pirates, but also the repressive factions that seek to control
everyone and everything so they are at odds with both the Imperials and The Banner.

Their Allies are the Getham family, and hold strong respect for the Gift religion.

•What are the factional skill set?

CMD - Command
NST - Naval Strategy
NTA - Naval Tactics
NAV - Navigation
SEA - Seamanship
SHW - Shipwright
MER - Merchant
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