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Faction #32 Redesign - The Cymru - People's Defenders
The Cymru were a faction that had (16) players in it I have the senior reports still. Now I think if you want to keep the past history, then you need to return all those factions again to the game. I understand that you do not have the naval system coded completely so the factions that need that simply can not start yet.

If you want the Big Box Imperials to be that way then do it, but as the GM you MUST ENFORCE not alloying Abuse that we say in the past. Like the Boda #1 had a cousin Imperial clan and etc. Stuff like that has to be stopped by you the GM. Now the other Big Box faction was the Barbarians (Seakings). I would just bring back the following factions at game start, and just keep the history.

Boda Family
Roder Family
Getham Family
Merk Verk
Banner Religion
Gift Religion
Ring Religion
Order of the Hand - Holy Knights
Blood and Fire Religion
Serkeanar Religion
Cult of the Dark One Religion

Then bring these in after the Naval is ready:
The SearKings
Brother to Brother, for one and all. United we stand, and divided others will fall. Hear my call, and take up your arms with me as we bring Justice to all. Big Grin

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