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Faction #32 Redesign - The Cymru - People's Defenders
I don't see a need for "lots" of players in a faction.  If I get 3 players and 5-10 clans in each starting faction I think it'll be well on its way to being successful.  What I don't want to see is <exaggerated slightly for effect> 50 factions with half to three-quarters of them having no clans at all (or at most one).  I'd just like all the factions to have a following.  If nobody (or almost nobody) wants to join a faction, then we're better off not having that faction at all in the first place and it should be dropped.  If we really need the faction in some way, then we must change it to be more fun so people will want to play in it.  There's just no reason to have factions that aren't going to be played (in an organized fashion).  If we build up to having enough players, I have no problem creating dozens of different factions for them to choose from.

What's wrong with that attitude?

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RE: Faction #32 Redesign - The Cymru - People's Defenders - by Davin - 02-01-2020, 05:23 AM

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