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[PBM SUBCULTURES] Diplomacy, En Garde, and ... Anything Else?
[EDIT: That subject line should end with a question mark!]

Obviously, here at, we're all fans of the professional PB(e)M companies. They're efficient, their games are awesome--look, just take my money! ( Wink )

But the more that I poke around online, the more evidence that I find for the continuing presence (in very rude health) of unofficial networks of players of two of the grandfathers of postal games: Diplomacy and En Garde.

Here are a couple of useful links to links: As I always like to include discussion points in my opening posts:
  • Does anyone know of any other games that invite PBM and have active dedicated communities?
  • Is anyone here playing either of these games by mail?
  • Would it be worth reaching out to the various communities to stir up some interest in Suspense & Decision?
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Is there anything fans of S&D and PlayByMail.Net can do to actually help these communities?
Thoughts? Objections? Anyone?

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[PBM SUBCULTURES] Diplomacy, En Garde, and ... Anything Else? - by Participant-Observer - 08-09-2017, 02:33 PM

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