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Support Your Hobby!
Well, we haven't heard from Grimfijnger in awhile.  Is that his fault, or is that ours?  We have to show there is a reason for companies to produce games, and then for magazines to cover them. 

We have to do our part. 

Rick McDowell 
I'm pretty sure that it's mine.
How are you doing Grim?
(07-24-2015, 02:02 PM)Harlequin Wrote: How are you doing Grim?

I'm OK, I reckon. How about yourself?
Rick McDowell wrote:

"Well, we haven't heard from Grimfijnger in awhile."

We haven't heard from Rick McDowell since last year. He used to run - maybe he still runs - a game called Fall of Rome, which I mostly enjoyed when I played it ... ten years ago? I believe I still have some free games coming my way. I'll give up one free game for each new post Rick McDowell makes in this forum.
Very nice to hear from Bob McClain, and see him back here and interested. 

Bob has made many contributions to PBM, as he says, going back about as far as me, maybe 30 years.

Bob, Fall of Rome has been down since java did some update that screwed with the code and we haven't been able to fix it.

BUT....  Alamaze came back 3 years ago and we have started over 200 games in that time.  In fact, I need to leave because I have two games to setup tonight:  One 12 player forum only diplomacy, and one 6 player, each with two kingdoms we call Confederations.  That after starting a 12 player game a couple days ago.

Check out our forum:

and our website:
36 years for me, but who's counting.

Sorry to hear about Fall of Rome. I enjoyed the three or four games I played. Of course I remember Alamaze, from its postal days, and even played for a while.

The reason I don't play any PBM games these days (excepting the current playtest of Quest of the Great Jewels) is that I find they're always full of the same crew, with their solidified alliances and grudges, and with few if any new players to tilt the balance. How many new players, on average, are in each game of Alamaze?
The new 12 player game I started tonight had two players in their first game. 

We have so many formats that old alliances aren't really an issue.  For example in the popular "Anonymous", no one even knows who is playing what position.

The important thing is we are continuing to advance the hobby.  Not sitting on what we accomplished 20 years ago. 

The Resurgence is 3 years old and started 200 games.  I'd love to hear stats on other games. 

And I like to think some of the new active players we have - college age - are seeing the advantage of a somewhat intellectual game over a splashy reflex game.


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