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What happened? - kwll - 02-11-2014

Whatever happened to Ilkor? It seems it disappeared from the face of the internet... I thought the game was well on its way; it was even advertised by Ken St Andre and GAD Games posted regularly about the game progress on the Trollbridge.

So what happened?

RE: What happened? - GrimFinger - 02-11-2014

I don't know. I have done occasional searches online, even within the last few weeks, but I just don't know.

RE: What happened? - Starkadder - 03-29-2014

You are right there is nothing out there, besides GAD game's link to Ilkor: Dark Rising, which doesn't work.

RE: What happened? - Starkadder - 10-24-2014

Now Gad Games is down also.  Site is listed as inactive, nothing new on their Twitter or Facebook for a long time.  Though no mention anywhere of why.