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Cluster Wars Reboot - RktSci - 07-18-2021

Marc Hochler is rebooting the game and has a web interface for looking at colonies and ships available.

Quote:I am actually working on a real-time web based version of the game.  Some functionality now, but will have some time this weekend to work on more.

Please go to

When you try to access Ships/Colonies you will be denied but it will let you authenticate an email address.  Once you authenticate I can assign you as a ruler.

After that, feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.

Regards -

RE: Cluster Wars Reboot - ixnay - 08-18-2021

I have registered - looking forward to seeing what you've got so far...

RE: Cluster Wars Reboot - Fungus - 08-18-2021

I 'signed up' but received nothing so far. Anyone else?

RE: Cluster Wars Reboot - RktSci - 08-18-2021

You don't get any mail, you have to look at the web site.

RE: Cluster Wars Reboot - ixnay - 08-18-2021

when I go to the site and click ships/colonies, I get a blank screen

RE: Cluster Wars Reboot - Fungus - 08-18-2021

Ditto. I can log in. Can see nothing else.

RE: Cluster Wars Reboot - ronin - 12-14-2021

My crystal ball says that I'll be finishing up on FH "right soon now." I'm retiring at the end of January, so I'll have time to help if Marc's looking.