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Another New User - Gixxer - 04-28-2020

Hi all, my name is Ricky, and I have just joined this forum as I play Galactac, been playing about a year.. I also found that there is a forum for Supernova, which I've been playing for around 6 years now.
I hope to be able to add some useful posts in the near future :-)

RE: Another New User - GrimFinger - 04-28-2020

Welcome aboard, Gixxer!

RE: Another New User - rredmond - 04-28-2020

Welcome and enjoy!

RE: Another New User - Bozimus - 04-29-2020

Welcome to the obsession, Gixxer!

RE: Another New User - Hatch - 04-29-2020

Welcome Gixxer. We all float down here. Wink