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  Region Map Re-Drawn
Posted by: Roy Pollard - 05-08-2021, 03:14 PM - Forum: The Isles PBM - Replies (6)

The re-draws continue… I’ve really hated the current Map of the region around Ilanthor, so I’ve completely re-done it.. well, it IS raining outside and I need to do something creative rather than just watch TV!! Small section below (due to uploading restrictions) and the full Maps on the front page of The Isles website at www.the-isles.com

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  Additional posts about Far Horizons here...
Posted by: ravenzachary - 05-05-2021, 10:34 PM - Forum: Far Horizons: The Awakening - No Replies


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  Species Log: Latorsan Nihi - The Coming of the Cosmic Sphere Lords
Posted by: GrimFinger - 05-05-2021, 08:40 PM - Forum: Far Horizons: The Return - Replies (11)

Species name: Latorsan Nihi
Government name: Cosmic Sphere Lords
Government type: Benevotocracy Genetica

Log Entry 1

Thus begins the annals of the starfaring race known as the Latorsan Nihi. With the creation of the galaxy by the Cosmic Overmind, Raven Zachary, life is breathed anew into the old PBM game known as Far Horizons.

As this test game of Far Horizons proceeds forth from a state of stellar infancy, this thread will provide a space for me to share with the Ones and Alls of PBM gaming the trials, tribulations, and successes (if there be any) of my empire in this game - the Latorsan Nihi.

Long may the Cosmic Sphere Lords of the Latorsan Nihi thrive!

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  Islander 20 Newsletter OUT
Posted by: Roy Pollard - 05-04-2021, 10:19 AM - Forum: The Isles PBM - Replies (2)

Islander 20 Newsletter OUT - First page attached here - the rest of it can be found on The Isles website https://the-isles.com/the-islander-our-r...ewsletter/

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  Blast From the Past (1991)
Posted by: Roy Pollard - 05-02-2021, 04:09 PM - Forum: The Isles PBM - No Replies

Wow. Indie Spin, one of our new players has just sent us a PDF with one of the first The Isles adverts in Black Knight fanzine. Hard to believe that its almost 30 years old!

Attached Files
.pdf   isles (1).pdf (Size: 1.44 MB / Downloads: 15)
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  I may have messed this one up
Posted by: Wilks - 05-02-2021, 04:22 AM - Forum: Dungeonworld - No Replies

I just got my first turn results.  I'm playing a Bard in the Brokenlands module.  I am now thinking that this was a poor choice.  I did not have any intention of playing multiple characters.  Just wanted to try out the game for a while.  The Bards ability bumps other players ability's.  I probably could have chosen a better class for a solo character. 

Also, on my first turn, I was not on a marketplace/trader square.  It also did not state that there was a trader in my starting position.  There was, however, some question marks on the map in the next room.  So I thought, first turn, I will look around and move to the next room.  My character is now in the next room in a space right next to a question mark.  I have no equipment.  I  recently read in the rules that the character always starts at a trader.  I think I may have missed my chance to equip myself and will soon be facing monsters with nothing but my Lute to hit them with.

This could be an interesting slaughter.

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  Far Horizons: The Return
Posted by: ravenzachary - 04-26-2021, 12:33 AM - Forum: Far Horizons: The Return - Replies (24)

Hi everyone,

I have Far Horizons compiled and running on a Linux server at Digital Ocean and I am starting to wrap my brain around the rules and the GM tools to get a game started. Ramblurr from the PlayByMail.net Forums added some useful Python tools for the GM that I plan to use, as well. My plan initially is to run a very small test game to see whether all orders will be processed properly by the server code. Any failures I'll attempt to fix in the C source code and recompile. This will also give me a chance to test the GM tools with actual player data instead of me making fake accounts to validate, which is actually a lot of work for one person to do alone.

Based on the postings in this sub-forum, there was a game at some point many years ago and some of you who are reading this may have been involved. I need your help...

1) Did any of you keep the files you downloaded from Ramblurr's Far Horizons server? In particular, he had a Beginner's Guide and a Strategy Guide to Far Horizons that were lost in a hard drive failure. These guides were not included in the GitHub repository because they were lost in the hard drive failure before Ramblurr put the code on GitHub. Any files you may have for Far Horizons other than the standard GitHub source code files would be greatly appreciated. I'll take anything. I'm trying to piece as much knowledge of this game back together as possible.

2) If you are interested in helping me test the orders and processing in a pre-launch test game (it's really an order submission test more than a game), please let me know and I will get you added. The good news is that there will be no pressure to submit orders. I will run orders probably once a week and whoever has orders to submit and test the code, I will process. Those that don't will get skipped over that turn and they can submit orders the next turn. At some point, we'll have tested all the orders over the course of some number of turns, identified the problems, and be prepared to fix them before starting a real game.

3) If you are interested in playing Far Horizons once it's up and running for the real game, but you don't want to participate in the test game, please let me know so I can get you on the waiting list for when that is ready.

You are welcome to participate in the test game and/or the real game even if you were not part of the original Far Horizons game organized on the PlayByMail.net Forums many years ago. I'll take anyone. The games will be free.

For any of the items above, please email me: raven@rinzai.com with Far Horizons in the subject line so it doesn't get lost in the sea of inbound email. Feel free to reply to this Forum post, too, with any information if you prefer.

For those are you who need a refresher on Far Horizons or have never heard of it before, I am linking to the rulebook here:


Thank you.

PS: I believe that Ramblurr had some web tools for players when the game was run before. My plan is for this to be email-only initially. Should there be a strong interest, I could add web tools later, but this is not a short-term goal.

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  Turnsheet Format
Posted by: Roy Pollard - 04-24-2021, 12:40 PM - Forum: The Isles PBM - No Replies

Here's the final format of turnsheets we'll be using for PBeM players - PDF seems the most generic document formats that I can find and you can embed graphics etc into the pages. They also seem to compress down to a good size

Found here:: https://the-isles.com/2021/04/22/sample-...pril-2021/

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  Last Call for New Players
Posted by: Roy Pollard - 04-15-2021, 12:55 PM - Forum: The Isles PBM - Replies (3)

I've just about got enough Players for the next few months - I've had nothing back from the 3 or 4 people on the PBM.net who expressed an interest - If you're wanting in it needs to be soon as it'll be a good 4-6 months after this before I take on any more.

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  The Isles PBM Website
Posted by: Roy Pollard - 04-12-2021, 10:40 PM - Forum: The Isles PBM - No Replies

www.the-isles.com << Very much a work in progress - I'll be chucking a load of stuff on there over the next few weeks

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