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  List of Play-By-Mail Game
Posted by: Helm Thoreau - 03-21-2020, 10:43 PM - Forum: Opinions & General Discussion - Replies (1)

For those interested, Wikipedia has a list of play-by-mail games now that has over 280 games. I think it'll hit 300 before too long. 



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  Plan accumulations
Posted by: Davin - 02-22-2020, 02:35 AM - Forum: Midgard - Replies (6)

Ok, I give up on trying to do communal editing for documents - there just isn't anything out there that seems like a good fit.

Instead, I'm going to host a "current plan" page where I keep a public list of the stuff I'm planning on doing.  This plan will change as people come up with better ideas here on the forum, and I'll be the one editing the plans directly.

My planning page currently contains some general information about overall game structure changes, which you may review (and complain about) at your leisure.  In addition, I'm starting a series of tiny documents describing specific aspects that we've hashed out here.  I've started with "The History of Midgard", which is the stuff we've talked about here with some rewording to make it more of a "user guide" flavor.  Next I'll want to add separate documents for each faction as we come up with a consensus description.  Keep an eye on the "last changed date" shown for each document so you'll know if there have been changes that you want to review.

I've started out by providing the documents as MS Word files, which you can download and view on your own machines.  However, if that is awkward I can switch over to providing only PDFs (or some other format) for review.  I figure the Word documents might be handy because they're locally editable and you might want to send me changes to some portions of it that way, but we can handle it in whatever way is most comfortable for you.

So, for now, go visit my new planning page at www.talisman-games.com/midgard/plan and start reviewing my descriptive page and first document.  Feel free to leave comments here on the forum (either this thread or on separate threads for each subject, as seems appropriate).

Once we get a little feedback started on this much we'll start talking about the factional descriptions.


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  Walls, walls, and more walls
Posted by: Davin - 02-16-2020, 07:44 PM - Forum: Midgard - Replies (5)

We've got many, many subjects going already, but let me throw in another one (just to overload us)...

There was mention of walls (in relation to to the Imps and to reduced city defenses).  However, I'm none too pleased by the old definitions of wall strength and thought we might discuss reorganizing these.

At the low end, earthworks alone (ditch and/or berm) I would think would make an adequate starting point, perhaps leaving stakes (on both) and/or brambles for level 2 work.  I can see people building sod walls in there somewhere, too.  Then I'd like to add in some options for wooden walls, starting with thin picket-like walls just designed for ingress/egress control and moving up to heavy wooden structures designed for a defense against a minor attack.  (I'm thinking of the movie notion of the "American Old West"-type forts that the cavalry set up to defend against Indian attack.)

After wood we can progress to stone and/or masonry walls of various heights and thicknesses, and perhaps reserve some of the "extra features" for some of the "+0.1" levels?

The classic definition of 10.0 walls is massive, and I think they would be more than enough to top off our scale.  Construction of such levels should be really expensive by then and difficult to work up to.

FYI - Did you know that the classic vision of the "Great Wall" is rather misleading?  It was built in many different sections and in some places not even joined together.  It looks like that classic view for only a small part of its length (and I personally think it's kept up like that for the tourism value).  Some parts of the supposed "great wall" were wood or stone "fences" that were barely able to keep livestock from crossing, even before they degraded to mounds of rubble.

As for restarting Midgard's cities, I think it would be a good idea to knock down everything(?) made of stone or masonry so we can get to a balanced position.  The cities would have had time and resources by now to build back up with earth and/or wood, depending on their populations and financial positions.  So I can see cities starting out as pretty much anything appropriate that's less than stone or masonry, which will require further work (particularly by players) to get back in place.

What does everyone think of those ideas?

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  Imperial Preserves - Fortress of Solitude
Posted by: DreamWeaver - 02-15-2020, 03:05 AM - Forum: Midgard - Replies (5)

This Poll is to talk about the Unfair Imperial Preserves - Fortress of Solitude that even Superman would have problems trying to jump over those 25.0 Walls and 25.0 Towers. These huge cities are on the average 200,000+ protected population. Lets look at the games standard wall size that for every other Walls ad Towers can go up to 10.0 in size.

[Image: Wall-Strengths.png]

So as you can see a standard City could build up to an 10.0 Wall & Tower is 100 feet tall or equivalent to the Great Wall of China. So my question to everyone is what would be a 25.0 Wall & Tower actually be? Would this be like 250 feet tall and how wide would that actually be. Talk about Fantasy concepts, that is totally unrealistic and darn unfair to say the least. I say Davin - GM "Tear down that wall"!

Realize the GM has stated that every city across Midgard continent will be reduced to almost total rubble. That means they will be almost in not any defences at all 0.0 Walls & Towers and the populations will all be under 10,000 populations. Also each of these cities will have at best 1-2 of each of the city building at best, and mostly no factional offices or temples in them. Next the GM has stated that each faction might have 1-2 declared cities, and the rest will all be Independent declared. It should be pointed out that there were (4) Imperial Preserves. So since the world is recovering from the great ruin from the meteor strike, every city including the Preserves should also have destroyed as well.

I think that it might be ok to give the Imperials (2- 4) of these places but state that they are 20-40,000 population. Roll a d6 and results of 1-3 gives you 20k, 4-5 gives you 30k, and 6 gives you 40k. Next give them maybe 2-4 city buildings of each type within these cities. I would give them only 3.0 Walls and 4.0 Towers, and NO other defences at all. Make them build up these places like the rest of the game. They must find the in game resources and pay to run the clans to actually do it as well too.

Realize every faction gains resources like (Retainers, Crowns, Influence) based off of a number of factors like : Number of Cities, Number of Population, Number of factional Offices/Temples, Number of Active declared clans and other values. I am seeking to make this all fair, but the Imperials have always been defined as a Big Box faction. Also do NOT give them any regiments at game start, make thm also build them as well too.

Poll Question: What should the starting Walls & Towers be for the Preserves be set at?

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  Should the Guilds faction be allowed as a Live/Open faction
Posted by: DreamWeaver - 02-14-2020, 07:47 PM - Forum: Midgard - Replies (9)

Should the Guilds faction be allowed as a Live and Open faction for players to play in the game? Under Midgard USA it was opened up by Zan for game play. I had talked to Zan about what they could be and do and there were active player clans at the end of the time of the game in Midgard USA.

Declared Guilds clans skill set:

 Now it the skills are what they do for a city basically. They have all the Naval based skills that are for shipyards, the city based skills, as well as Oratory skill which is related to the Helios communication based ability. Basically they are a city based clan, although I think there should be a Blacksmith or Smithy based  skills added as well too. Maybe drop the ADM skill and add a SMH - Smithy skill instead.  Remember they create "Manufactured Goods" that are needed for everything. So maybe their skill set should be:

 SHP - Shipwright
 SEA - Seamanship
 NAV - Navigation
 SMH - Smithy
 ENG - Engineering
 MER- Merchant
 ORA - Oratory

 Factional benefits:

 1) Can make Manufactured Goods from metal.
 2) Can build ships from resources.
 3) Can make Uniforms/Winter Uniforms from resources.
 4) Can support Construction projects, with some mancycles bonus.
 Defined like this, I think that it could be fun to play one of these clans.

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  Poll - When a clan joins a faction should they get a signing bonus?
Posted by: TheDarkSide - 02-14-2020, 02:39 AM - Forum: Midgard - Replies (8)

Whenever a clan signs up for a faction and declares for a primary faction, should that clan be given these bonuses? Now a faction does get extra resources for each active clan that declares for it and remains active. So should the faction award each clan a signing bonus when a clan first declares for a faction? It has been proposed that this one time signing bonus should be the following:

1st One-time signing bonus for each clan that declares:

100 Retainers, 5,000 Crowns, 1,000 Influence 

2nd Declare for a specific faction as your Primary faction and have all 3 clans each declare for that same faction. The player chooses their Main clan and that Main clan gains a 2nd Primary Faction bonus:

100 Retainers, 5,000 Crowns, 2,000 Influence

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  Poll - How many Clans should players be allowed to have?
Posted by: TheDarkSide - 02-14-2020, 01:29 AM - Forum: Midgard - Replies (15)

Question for the Poll: How many Clans should players be allowed to play within the game? So far it has been stated that 3 seems to be the core value of clans. It has not been made clear how many clans the GM wants each person to play during the beta-test, but the 3 clan core value has been brought up as the value at game start. Now historically the range in the number of clans has raged from 3 up to 9 clans, and even then I hear that some had even more than 9+. So what is a fair number of clans to allow a player to actually play?  Some might argue allowing someone to play 9+ clan might allow someone to unfairly balance matters within the game. Those with deep pockets could certainly run a lot of clans and that could unfairly unbalance gameplay. The real question is what do each of you feel about this issue.  My advice is for each to take the poll and add a comment on what you think and why. I will start and do this myself after I set up this poll.

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  Poll - What factions do you want Open for Players to play
Posted by: TheDarkSide - 02-13-2020, 07:12 PM - Forum: Midgard - Replies (20)

Question for the Poll: Please choose which factions do you want to see as an Open faction that a player can choose to play within the game from game start. It doesn't matter if you yourself wish to play that faction, but instead which factions do you feel should be available for any player to be able to choose to play if they so wish to choose that faction.

NOTE: The Naval side of the code will not be available, but if it were coded then would you like to see these factions available for Players to play.

  • - Imperials 
  • - Boda Family
  • - Getham Family
  • - Roder Family
  • - Merk Verk
  • - SOA
  • - Cymru
  • - Seeker
  • - Buccaneers
  • - Banner Religion
  • - Gift Religion
  • - Ring Religion
  • - Order of the Hand Knighthood Religion 
  • - Heretics
  • - Independent
  • - Bandits
  • - Pirates
  • - Blood & Fire Religion
  • - Serkeanar Religion 
  • - The Cult of the Dark One Religion
  • - Barbarians (SeaKings)
  • - Skelts
  • - Guilds
  • - Brotherhood (Mob)

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  Looking for articles on Hyborian War
Posted by: Helm Thoreau - 02-10-2020, 10:02 PM - Forum: Hyborian War - Replies (3)

Hi all. Anyone know of articles and/or reviews of Hyborian War appearing in online or print magazines? I've seen all the ones in "Suspense and Decision." And I saw the note in the other thread here about White Wolf #23. If anyone knows of other articles/reviews in recent or or old, out-of-print magazines like Dragon, Dungeon, Gaming Universal, Flagship, Paper Mayhem, Space Game/Fantasy Gamer, White Dwarf, etc., from 1984 to present please let me know! For a side project I'm working on. Thanks! 


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Lightbulb A new set of thoughts on how to bring Midgard back
Posted by: DreamWeaver - 02-02-2020, 02:09 AM - Forum: Midgard - Replies (102)

Hello everyone,

Over the last couple of days a few of us have talked about how best to restore the Midgard game. A number of us have talked on the phone amongst ourselves and have put together a number of points that I will present here nd now. The main goal is to preserve the game of the past as it mostly was, so that there is some consistency for all to be able to relate to. So that if a gamer that played in the past were to return they would  mostly recognize the game as it once was and realize much of what they once played was still there in some way or form. Now we also feel there are a number of matters that need to be redesigned or fixed so that the game can be a good game for all to enjoy and play again. So let's begin with what should happen.

Midgard Game History:
We feel that we should keep the history as it has been written in the past, thus the Imperials are invaders of Midgard. Now the only part of the history we advise to role back or change was the history of what has happened in game from the time of the Meteor strike.  Thus simply stated, the meteor struck and the continent of Midgard was virtually destroyed. All of it's cities were reduced to rubble or totally destroyed from a tidal wave or fires. Much was lost and many cities were all but totally wiped out or destroyed. Pick a number of years (20 -30 years) that it has been since that great devastation happened and state that the people of Midgard have started to stand up again and the many factions have started to try to extend their control again of the continent.

[Image: great-strike.png]

The skies grew dark and a great ball of glowing red light steaked across the skies heading south over Midgard. It seem to hit the sea south of Midgard and north of Kalmar. At the point of impact, everyone was thrown off their feet. After the strike great waves came crashing inland and swept over the lands of Midgard. Many cities in the south were simply swept away. Meanwhile great earth quakes were felt across the lands everywhere and many cities were reduced to rubble and/or burned to the ground. Then those that managed to survive that had to endure a great long winter that lasted two years, leaving many to die from the elements or famine. Much was lost and most people just tried to survive. That was from the times of our parents(20-30 years ago), and now people have started to reform and rebuild from the ruins of the past. Some of the former political organizations have reformed again and have started to via for political control of the lands once again.

Factions of the Midgard game:
In our talks to a few players that once played this game, everyone wants their own beloved factions back again. We feel the desire and love of this game was the rich and diverse choices that were the factions of the game. Now in some cases some were tinkered with for what ever reason and a little bit of redesign needs to be done to fix those issues. We also feel that to make it appealing for everyone and to set the stage s everyone can and will return to the game, that all of the faction be made available from the beginning of game start. Now we do understand that the coding for the Naval side of things is not ready, but that would mean that two beloved factions will need to sit idle until that part of the game code can be completed. That would mean that the Barbarian SeaKings, and Buccaneers would need to be on hold until the Naval code is done.

We feel that the following list of factions all be brought back into the game and all located on Midgard and open for game play:

 - Imperials
 - Boda Familiy
 - Getham Family
 - Roder Family
 - Society of Arm (SOA)
 - Merk Verk
 - Cymru
 - Seekers
 - Skelts
 - Banner Religion
 - Gift Religion
 - Ring Religion
 - Order of the Hand (OOH)
 - Blood and Fire Religion
 - Serkenar Religion
 - Cult of the Dark One Religion

We feel that each of these factions in the past that did exist in various Midgard versions should be looked at and slightly tweaked to be brought back into the game from game start. We know that the GM wants to just have a small number of factions at game start but we feel this would be a great mistake and would cause this game to fail horribly. Having all of this diverse factional choices was what draws many players into the game in the first place. The GM has stated that he is hoping to get 3-5 players per faction, but we feel if he returns all of these factions that he will get a lot more than that.  Next we also feel that the GM should open it up to all players to run up to (6) clans per player.  This would allow people to play in multiple factions for more game enjoyment, which means more money for him and a better profit margin for him and the game's success. Speaking for myself with (6) clans I would most likely have: (3) Cymru, (2) Gift, and (1) Ring clan, and in the long run I would most likely want to run (3) cities as well too. Having just (3) clans really is not enough, especially for us former players that had like (15) positions in the end of Midgard USA version. Also I feel that the game turns should be every two weeks not once a month.  It would allow people a lot more better pace for the modern gamer enjoyment, than the old one month game turn. The game needs to hit the ground running and having lots of players with many choices with (6) clans each will give each person a lot of options to pursue.

Some game advice to the GM to stop abuse that we have seen in the past:

Ok with this rebut reduce all the cities in size, defenses, and city buildings. Wipe away almost all factional Offices and Temple and make most cities Independent.  Only have a small number of cities declared for ever faction scattered around the Midgard content. Next don't have anyone with huge resources to be handed out to players. Also have NO Factional regiments at game start. Just have the resources that are at hand and the factional clans. It will be years before a starting clan of 200 retainers can take on anything, let alone a city. Part of the problem in the past, factional resources and/or factional regiments were handed out to players like there was no tomorrow. It didn't matter what rank someone was, it was handed out like water to a thirsty man. I say to the GM, make players earn factional aid. Make the player's roleplay their clan's faction's goals and keep them in-check and on target. A lot of the abuse of the past was because the GM's didn't make people play the way they should play within the factions they were playing. Make them do the right thing.

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