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Just a head's up - if you enter standing orders you have to transmit them separately from or in addition to your normal turn orders.

that threw a little wrench into my turn 3 Smile
Standing Orders become part of the uploaded file when uploading orders for a turn. Look in the Turns Out folder for the game. That is the file that is uploaded. The archives folder contains three files for regular orders, standing orders and temporary ID's. These are used to populate the order writer tools. If you look at the "OCWT2.txt" file, you will see all the orders written in the order writer since the game start. Standing orders will be found in the "SOCWT2.txt" file. Odd turn and Even turn standing orders will be found in separate files. The "TCWT2.txt" file contains the Temporary Ship ID's to be used. That is why next turn you must DELETE the temporary ID's so they won't be used again (why I don't know but it could cause a problem if you don't otherwise why would we be instructed to do so?).

The "OrdsCWT2P####.002" contains all the orders uploaded for Turn 2. These files will accumulate. The Turns In files such as "CWT2P20.003" will also accumulate. You may want to back up all of these folders and files in case you run Central Command from another computer or need to restore after a crash, etc. You can copy the COMPLETE Central Command directory and paste it anywhere else and it will run fine. I do that and use the copy in case a new updated version of CC does NOT work the way intended.

Go ahead and write some orders and then close CC. Of course say YES when asked to archive the orders. Then look at the Archive folder file "OCWT2.txt" and you will see those orders added to the stack (at the bottom for Turn 3). Then go look at the Turns Out folder and you will not see at "OrdsCWT2P####.003" file yet UNLESS you already uploaded your orders. WHEN you upload your orders that file will be created and will include the standing order.

You can always edit and re-upload archived orders until the due date when they are collected by Vern for processing.
If "Standing Orders become part of the uploaded file when uploading orders for a turn" then I have an issue with Central Command. Smile
I had a set of "every turn" standing order defined at the end of turn 2. I had not submitted (uploaded?) them separately.

turn 3 ran and did not include my standing orders. I edited them (retreived from archive) and saw that they WERE correctly defined. This turn I submitted/uploaded them explicitly.

We'll see what the turn 4 results look like.

Please explain how you "uploaded" your standing orders "explicitly".

The Order Writer has the Upload function. My Standing Orders were incorporated into the "Turns Out" file and did execute successfully for last turn without doing anything other than what I described.

IF you had the standing orders written already at the time you used the regular Order Writer to "Send It", then the Standing Orders will automatically be merged/appended into the Turns Out file that is uploaded. The same thing happens when you "Send It" from the Standing Orders window.

BUT if you have NOT "archived" the orders in the Standing Orders window and later "Send It" from the regular Order Writer... the archive standing orders will not be parsed from the archive and added to the overall Turns Out file. Play with it and you will see what I mean. Anytime you actually close the Order Writer or Standing Order window you will be prompted with the "option" to archive, which means to overwrite the archived files. NOT the Turns Out file.

If you find that the orders you want sent are included in the Turns Out file, then that is what was uploaded the last time you "Sent It" regardless of which Order Window you were using at the time.

If you have BOTH windows open, then either will "Send It" by using the orders actually displayed in the respective order writer windows and IGNORE the archive files. Play with it and you will see what I am talking about.

If you find this is an issue with the code then submit a Help Desk ticket...
whaddya know -- there they are. Smile

thanks for the education.