Full Version: Factions and how to prevent abuse
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But who would want to trust a low-level clan to know about the siege in advance?  Wouldn't they just ask for scouting of the area "for no particular reason" or because of some undefined reports that have nothing to do with the city?

Once a clan gets to be of higher level in their faction, wouldn't they prefer to benefit that faction and not make use of any privileged information in their other factions?

Pardon me if I'm asking stupid questions, but I'm trying to work off logic here rather than historical evidence.
Well just because someone has a magical level in this game, doesn't mean anything really. That has been my experience in playing the game and watching human nature happen in this game. I always look at the character of the player, not what magical level they might have. I rely on talking to the player behind turns and get to know that person. That is how I build trust, not how much Influence they have and what rank in the faction they are. I become friends with my players, and that is something that is of great value. Trust is something given and earned within the game. Sometimes it takes a while to pull the mask away to see the real person wearing the mask. I just feel one must be careful.
I agree that trust is important.  And thus I wouldn't particularly trust anyone unknown with important factional information.  The reason I brought level into it is because I was assuming that a higher level meant that the game was enforcing that they at least didn't have any "significant" clans in an enemy faction.

Still, nothing is infallible.  It's always possible that someone has no particular faction they work to promote and rise in rank and all his cousins are doing is infiltrating factions that he wants to see fail and stealing information from them (perhaps for revenge?).  That kind of behavior is pretty difficult to stop.
For me to begin with I want to just have fun and reconnect with some old friends or make new ones. I really enjoyed playing Midgard and want to do it again.
I'd like to provide that opportunity, but we seem to be having difficulty ramping up the early interest and participation hereabouts.
I think you might need to send "Hello former players" emails out to the contact lists you have to see whom you can get to rejoin the process. As I said I found another former player and he should start posting this weekend(he shows up as the most recient player to join the board). He is 'FutureSojourner', a good friend, former Midgard USA senior player, and a very good player.

We don't need a lot of players, we need motivated players that are driven to get involved. I think new people to the game would be good to, because they would have a different perspective as well.
We might not need a LOT of players (especially at this stage), but we do need a number of different perspectives on the new thoughts and designs.  I'd hate to base whole new game concepts on the visions of only a very few players.  We're bound to change things in ways that others don't like, and I'd rather have their participation and opinions too.

I'll give some thought on how to send out a reasonable "please participate" note.
Well those that want to get involved and care enough to add their efforts and opinions should be listened to. You have the final choice as to what gets settled on. Those that didn't choose to spend the effort to help shape the game's future shouldn't have to much to complain about. They had just as much of a chance to help out but didn't.
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