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You stated that you intend to use a "Island" of the Midgard continent. Can we have the map(s) of that island so we can plan(plot) for our future Game Bata Test?

Just the maps would be a nice beginning so we could see what the maps are like that you plan on using and maybe begin talking on details?

Sorry, I haven't built the map for that island yet.
Do you have some plans for that island? Like plot lines and or Mysteries that players can dig into? You want to see the way people are going to play, then add some color and let players have at it. Make sure to have a number of cities for people to work with.
I don't expect too many role-playing opportunities there, maybe just a couple.  I don't really expect it to be part of the main-line play once we get going.  It's going to be a very small place, perhaps only two or three cities (starting as independent) where people can work the kinks out of my mechanics.  For instance, the market system will need testing by some people playing merchant between the cities, and some clans will be needed to try to work their way into being a city leader and see how that operates.  There will be needs for testing tasks, encounters, turn processing, reporting, action syntax, movement, EFs, construction, web facilities, and all sorts of other mundane things that have to be working right before it can be fun to play.
Maybe we should keep it real simple and just allow (1) clan per play tester , and have everyone remain Independent. This way everyone can focus on the above game mechanics instead of the factional stuff in the beginning.
I don't mind having lots of independents, except for testing faction-related mechanics like triggers and market restrictions.  So we'll want at least a few "declared", but playing in-character won't be necessary for this part.

I think we'll need at least a dozen clans running around to test different things, and I don't know if we'll have that many active testers.  If we run multiple clans per player then that will get us a better testing variety.

For testing purposes, we may want to assign a couple of you as temporary city leaders (probably later in the test) to make sure that area works right, too.

All the beta testing positions can be considered disposable afterwards, unless you'd rather keep them.
Davin maybe offer a 'bonus' for being a Beta Tester like some in Game Starting Clan bonus once the real game starts? Maybe make it based off of how many turns/cycles a Beta tester plays their clan within the Beta Test. It might be some bonus like +GPs, +Retainers, +0.10% bonus towards a skill(s) levels. This way if someone Beta Tests (3) clans for say (6) to (12) turns/cycles, then they will get that value added to one of their startup clans? What about this idea, it would help to 'motivate' people to join the Beta Test and play the clans which would help you. Then at the end of the Beta Test, just destroy the Beta Test area and clans.
I'm open to all sorts of options of that sort.  I figure I'll ask the beta players what they'd like and I'll see if it's reasonable (and fair) to give it to them.

I don't have a problem getting rid of the test area when we're done, but I figured some players may want to stay there.  We'll see how it works out.
I yield to your final choice of what to do, and as always it should be open for all to contribute their ideas here.
You could have a Ruined Heretic temple on the island like this....

[Image: cult-temple-ruins.png]
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